Western Electric GA-52830  
Written by Accutron on 2017-11-29  

Originally developed at Bell Telephone Labs as the M-2012, the Western Electric GA-52830 is an early PNP germanium power transistor, rated at 0.5W dissipation with switching speeds up to 4MHz. This combination of high gain and high speed made the GA-52380 suitable for driving core memory circuits in early transistorized computers, but its status as a developmental part number confined its use to government-funded prototypes. The GA-52830 was employed in a number of early experimental computers, including the MIT Lincoln Laboratory TX-2 and the TRADIC Leprechaun.

Western Electric GA-52830 Datasheet (PDF)

Western Electric GA-52830 PNP germanium power transistor, manufactured in 1956.

GA-52830 transistor, underside construction and original packaging.

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