Rodan MG-17F & MG-17G  
Written by Accutron on 2017-03-22  

Devices included in this entry:

Rodan MG-17F seven-segment Nixie tube (pictured in thumbnail)
Rodan MG-17G seven-segment Nixie tube (pictured in thumbnail)

The Rodan MG-17F and MG-17G are seven-segment in-plane displays in a tubular envelope - transitional devices which fall between conventional Nixie tubes and Panaplex displays. These tubes were used in a number of calculators manufactured in the 1969-1971 timeframe, but were quickly superseded by the fully planar, multi-digit Burroughs Panaplex display.

The MG-17F has upper and lower decimal points, allowing it to be inversely mounted. The MG-17G has a shorter envelope, omits the upper decimal point, and has a simplified internal construction.

Rodan MG-17F and MG-17G seven-segment Nixie tubes under normal operation.

Display module from a Busicom 141DA electronic calculator. This display is constructed from 14 MG-17F seven-segment Nixie tubes, and is pictured upside down as it was installed in the 141DA.

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