Bell Telephone Laboratories A-2277  
Written by Accutron on 2017-12-20  

The Bell Telephone Labs A-2277 is an undocumented prototype transistor in a TO-38 package, likely a diffused junction device similar to the Western Electric 2N1072 or 2N1645. Unlike most production devices which have a lacquered or gold-plated copper case, the A-2277 has an unusual gunmetal grey finish which is known to be used with Western Electric internal-use types manufactured between 1960 and 1963.

Bell Labs prototypes manufactured at the Murray Hill facility featured an M- part number prefix, while prototypes manufactured at Western Electric's Allentown plant had a corresponding A- prefix. Some of Bell's earliest transistors were mass produced by Western Electric under a prefixless version of their four-digit Bell part number, but most production types were assigned either a Bell System internal part number, a government account number or a traditional RETMA number.

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Bell Telephone Laboratories A-2277, a developmental power transistor of unknown specification.

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