Western Electric 9A  
Written by Accutron on 2017-12-21  

Introduced in 1958, the Western Electric 9A is a 30W PNP alloy junction germanium transistor in a TO-32 package, manufactured for in-house use. The 9A was derived from the 2074 development type, and was intended to replace the earlier 6A, a 2W audio-freqency device. The 2074 was a dramatic improvement in dissipated power over intermediate power devices like the 2N66 and GA-52830. In addition to the 9A, Western Electric developed the 2N463, a RETMA-numbered derivative of the 2074 rated at 35W.

Western Electric 9A germanium alloy junction transistor, 1964 production example with evacuation nipple.

9A transistor, 1967 production example with no evacuation nipple.

9A transistor, underside construction.

9A transistor, internal construction.

9A transistor, enlargement of germanium pellet and junction.

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