Dargue Brothers Simplon SR-10 Bilateral  
Written by Accutron on 2018-01-04  

The Dargue Brothers Simplon SR-10 Bilateral is a somewhat unusual half-duplex Rietz slide rule with a reversible cursor and 10" scales. The closed body of a Simplon slide rule is split lengthwise and joined with steel springs, providing a unique slide friction control mechanism. The SR-10 has extended scales engraved into celluloid, which are both laminated and pinned to a wood body. Due to the half-duplex construction of the SR-10, transferring values from obverse to reverse requires the operator to remember or transcribe obverse results to paper and reverse the cursor.

Available Scales: D3 A [B C] D L ||| A S L T D

Dargue Brothers Simplon SR-10 Bilateral Rietz slide rule, obverse view.

Simplon SR-10 Bilateral, reverse view.

Simplon SR-10 Bilateral, enlargement of profile and cursor construction.

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