ESCO 6002  
Written by Accutron on 2018-01-05  

The ESCO 6002 is a rebranded version of the Roos Company SR-108, a 5" duplex trigonometric model with double length C and D scales and a fraction/decimal conversion table. The SR-108 has a similar overall appearance to a K&E duplex rule, but uses much lower quality materials, including a plastic cursor and painted scales on a wood laminate. The earliest 1944 iteration of the SR-108 also has plastic stator braces, but later examples have metal braces.

The SR-108 was also sold by Post as the No. 1442, and by Arthur Brown & Bro. as the No. 7995A. Cosmetically, the only difference between these slide rules is the logo and secondary print color used for the branding and special scale labels. The SR-108 has Roos branding, a Dual 10"/5" logo and special scale labels printed in red. The 1442 and 7995A retain the red secondary print and logo used on the SR-108, changing only the branding printed at the top of the obverse. The 6002 has a dark blue brand name and special scale labels, and repleces the Dual 10"/5" logo with an ESCO logo.

The most unusual feature of the SR-108 is its double-length C and D scales, located on the reverse. These scales are split at 3.1623, and are labeled C1, C2, D1 and D2.

Available Scales: K A [B S T C] D DI ||| [L C2 C1] D1 D2 D

Dual 10"/5" Slide Rule (PDF)

ESCO 6002 duplex pocket slide rule, obverse view.

ESCO 6002 slide rule, reverse view.

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