Pickett N200-ES  
Written by Accutron on 2018-01-05  

The Pickett N200-ES is a simplified 5" trigonometric duplex rule, once popular among students and often distributed as a branded promotional item. The construction of the N200-ES is identical to that of the more elaborate N300, N400 and N600 pocket models, but has a minimal complement of 12 scales. The exact scale arrangement on the N200-ES is not known from any other Pickett rules, but is very similar to that of the 13-scale N905-ES Texas Speed Rule. Like other Pickett slide rules, the N200 was available in both traditional and Eye-Saver yellow variants.

Available Scales: K A [B CI C] D L ||| [S ST T C] D

Pickett N200-ES pocket trigonometric slide rule, obverse view.

N200-ES slide rule, reverse view.

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