Western Electric F56976 & F56980  
Written by Accutron on 2018-01-12  

Devices included in this entry:

Western Electric F-56976 (16-pin metal can carrier)
Western Electric F-56980 (16-pin metal can carrier; pictured in thumbnail)

The Western Electric F56976 and F56980 are uncharacterized 16-pin integrated circuit packages (ICPs), housed in a gold-plated canister which appears outwardly similar to that used with the GF401xx series of integrated circuits. Unlike other Western Electric ICPs which have an asymmetric 11-pin outline, the F56976 has 16 pins arranged in a square pattern. Based on the underside construction of these devices, they may be an early implementation of Western Electric's 16-pin hybrid thin film integrated circuit (HIC) fabrication. HICs would later be manufactured as cost-reduced ceramic flat packs and DIPs, and were available in a wide range of both digital and linear types.

Western Electric F56976 integrated circuit, function unknown.

Western Electric F56980 integrated circuit, function unknown.

F56976 (left) and F56980 integrated circuits, underside construction.

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