Sama & Etani Model 600 Science Master  
Written by Accutron on 2018-01-31  

Although it is limited to only eight scales, the Sama & Etani Model 600 Science Master is perhaps the most useful slide rule ever manufactured. The Model 600 combines a circular slide rule, periodic table and a two-sided insert, printed with a wide range of formulas, physical constants, conversion tables and other useful information.

Like other circular slide rules designed by Sama & Etani, the Model 600 was manufactured by Concise in Japan. Early examples of the Model 600 were sold as the Concise Science Tables and Circular Slide Rule, while later examples feature the ironically concise Science Master branding. Sama & Etani marketed the Science Master as one of their "Data Centers" line of circular slide rules, which all share the same basic construction as the Model 600 but feature different specialized sets of tables.

Available Scales: D [C CI L A S T K]

Sama & Etani Model 600 Science Master circular slide rule, manufactured by Concise.

Model 600 Science Master, reverse with insert removed.

Model 600 Science Master with manual and carrying case.

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