Knowm BS-AF-W  
Written by Accutron on 2018-02-14  

Introduced in 2015, the Knowm BS-AF-W is the first commercially available memristor, a two-terminal linear device which 'remembers' the current which has previously flowed through it by altering its resistance. The memristor was initially proposed in 1971 by circuit theorist Leon Chua, as a fourth non-linear passive circuit element to join the ranks of the resistor, capacitor and inductor.

The BS-AF-W package houses eight discrete self-directed channel (SDC) memristors, derived from the research of Dr. Kris Campbell at Boise State University. As current is applied to the BS-AF-W, tungsten ions migrate through a Ge2Se3 chalcogenide material, increasing the resistance of the device incrementally. Reversing the current causes the ions to migrate in the opposite direction, lowering the memristor's resistance.

Other Knowm part numbers include the BS-AF-CR and BS-AF-SN, which differ from the BS-AF-W only in the active metal added to the chalcogenide layer.

Knowm BS-AF-W self-directed channel memristor network.

BS-AF-W memristor, underside engraved with wafer number and serial number.

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