Picket N1010-ES  
Written by Accutron on 2018-05-13  

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Pickett N1010-ES duplex trigonometric slide rule (pictured in thumbnail)
Pickett N1010-ES classroom instruction slide rule

Equipped with 18 scales, The N1010-ES is one of Pickett's most elaborate narrow body slide rules. Along with the less complicated N902-ES, the N1010-ES was widely adopted in high schools.The N1010-ES was one of a handful of slide rules manufactured by Pickett which was available a tremendously oversized version intended for classroom instruction.

Like most Pickett models from the 1960s, the N1010 was available in a standard version and a more prevalent Eye Saver yellow version.

Available Scales: K A [B ST T Cot S Cos C] D DI ||| DF [CF CIF CI C] D L

Pickett N1010-ES duplex trigonometric slide rule, obverse view.

N1010-ES slide rule, reverse view.

Picket N1010-ES classroom instruction slide rule, obverse view.

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