Sperry Rand UNIVAC 250100-00 & 250140-00  
Written by Accutron on 2018-07-22  

The 250100-00 and 250140-00 printed circuit card assemblies are typical examples of UNIVAC's 15-pin card style, used throughout the 1960s in a wide range of machines. Based on part number and date code comparisons, it appears these cards were originally manufactured for use in the CP-642 / AN/USQ-20, a military UNIVAC system later commercialized as the UNIVAC 1106. Introduced in 1958, the CP-642 was built from over 10,000 discrete transistors and had a word length of 30 bits.

Special thanks to Mark Greenia for donating these rare circuit cards.

Sperry Rand Univac 250100-00 circuit card.

Sperry Rand Univac 250140-00 circuit card.

Sperry Rand Univac circuit cards in original packaging.

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