Picket N3-T  
Written by Accutron on 2018-10-18  

With a massive body and 32 scales, the N3-T is one of Pickett's most sophisticated 10" slide rules. In addition to a standard scale complement, The N3-T combines two square root scales, three cube root scales and eight exponential power scales to make an extremely capable slide rule.

As with other Pickett aluminum slide rules, the N3 was available in both -T (Traditional white) and -ES (Eye-Saver yellow) versions.

Available Scales: R1 R2 K A [B ST S T1 T2 CI C] D DI K1 K2 K3 ||| LL0 LL00 LL1 LL01 DF [ CF CIF Ln L CI C] D LL2 LL02 LL3 LL03

Pickett N3-T power log exponential slide rule, obverse view.

Pickett N3-T, reverse view.

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