Remington Six-Column Adding Machine (Unknown P/N)  
Written by Accutron on 2017-03-01  

This calculator, manufactured by Remington, is a fairly typical example of a 1960s home or small business adding machine. It features a six-column full keyboard, and a seven-digit mantissa. This machine has no dedicated mechanical display; readout is provided by an impact printer. Although motorized adding machines were readily available at the time, this machine is entirely mechanical. A lever on the side of the machine is used to perform addition and subtraction, and to erase the contents of the accumulator.

Two other variants of this machine are currently known: a six-column variant with a full keyboard, and a variant with 10-key input. Rebranded versions of these machines were also sold by Sears.

Remington seven-digit mechanical adding machine with full keyboard.

Remington adding machine, servicing sticker for The Typewriter Shop. This location, in Dayton, Ohio, is now the parking lot for Don's Pawn Shop.

Remington adding machine, internal construction.

Remington adding machine, print mechanism.

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