ETL GC10B & GC10/4B  
Written by Accutron on 2017-02-20  

Devices included in this entry:

ETL / Baird Atomic GC10B counter (octal base; pictured in thumbnail)
ETL GC10/4B computing counter (octal base)

The ETL GC10B, a highly revised version of the GC10/A, is a neon-filled double pulse counter rated at 4KHz. The GC10B is internally quite different from the GC10/A, abandoning a complex internal structure in favor of a simplified design with a ceramic cathode support.

Otherwise identical to the GC10B, the GC10/4B is a computing counter with four output cathodes. The pinout of the GC10/4B is a superset of the GC10B pinout.

ETL GC10B, GC10B/S Datasheet (PDF)

ETL / Baird Atomic GC10B double pulse counter dekatron.

GC10B dekatron, top view.

ETL GC10/4B, a computing counter variant of the GC10B.

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