Sylvania 6BL6 & 6BM6  
Written by Accutron on 2007-03-13  

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Sylvania 6BL6 (pictured in thumbnail)
Sylvania 6BM6

The Sylvania 6BL6 and 6BM6 are small glass-and-metal external cavity reflex klystron with an asymmetrically keyed four-pin 'peewee' style base. The 6BL6 is rated at 1.4-6.5GHz, 250mW, and the 6BM6 is rated at 0.55-3.8GHz, 175mW.

Sylvania 6BL6 external cavity reflex klystron

Sylvania 6BM6 external cavity reflex klystron.

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