Hewlett-Packard 410B Vacuum Tube Voltmeter  
Written by Accutron on 2006-10-10  

The Hewlett-Packard 410B has been called the Cadillac of vacuum tube voltmeters, and is considered by many to be the finest voltmeter ever built. The most striking feature of the 410B is its high frequency probe, which has either a 2-01C or EA53 rectifier tube installed in the probe tip. The 410B's combination of high impedance and high frequency capabilities make it a superior VTVM which is still in wide use by ham radio operators and other hobbyists.

410B Operating & Servicing Manual (PDF)

HP 410B vacuum tube voltmeter, serial number 024-45323. The blue case and bright blue non-riveted nameplate date the meter as an early 1960s unit.

Amperex EA53 rectifier, a rare and expensive tube that is often missing from surplus 410B units.

410B, left side internals.

410B, right side internals.

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