Philips Miniwatt E1T  
Written by Accutron on 2007-03-31  

The Philips E1T electrostatic beam switching tube works somewhat like a CRT, but instead of the beam being pushed around the screen by external stators, it is bumped along in discrete increments using electrostatic pulses. The pulse count is displayed at one of ten positions along a side-viewing phosphor screen with an externally applied digits label. Until the discovery of the rare Ericsson RYG10, the E1T was believed to be the only production beam switching tube with display capabilities.

The E1T did not see widespread use, as it is a temperamental device which offered limited advantage over more well-behaved alternatives. In recent years, the E1T has seen a surge of popularity among Nixie enthusiasts, owed to its on-board display characteristics and quirky appearance.

Philips Miniwatt E1T, display face.

Valvo E1T carton.

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