Hewlett-Packard 8016A Word Generator  
Written by Accutron on 2006-10-11  

The Hewlett-Packard 8016A Word Generator is a unique type of computational signal generator, which allows the construction, storage and output of one, two, four or eight binary words up to 256 bits in total size, at frequencies up to 50MHz. The 8016A can generate RZ or NRZ pulse shapes at either TTL or ECL voltage levels, and offers standard and inverse outputs for all eight channels. The 8016A has an internal clock with output signal and synch out, and can also be driven by an external clock.

The 8016A allows total control over the binary input of a logic device under evaluation, whose resultant output can then be examined by a contemporaneous logic state analyzer. To this day, the 8016A remains an invaluable and irreplaceable piece of test equipment, with truly limitless utility in the modern era of hobby computer electronics.

8016A Datasheet (PDF)
8016A Operating and Service Manual (PDF)

HP 8016A word generator, serial number 1903G00811, includes HP-IB interface (Option 001). This unit was originally owned by NCR, and last calibrated in June 1990.

8016A, internal configuration. The 8016A predates the widespread use of microprocessors in HP products, and is instead built from several hundred TTL ICs. Integration level is comparable to HP minicomputers from the mid-1970s.

8016A, card cage.

8016A, RZ versus NRZ output, displayed on an HP 130C oscilloscope.

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