Underwood Noiseless Portable  
Written by Accutron on 2017-02-20  

The Underwood Noiseless Portable, a rebranded version of the Remington Noiseless Portable, was an popular model of portable typewriter through the 1930s. The Noiseless Portable and extremely similar Underwood Noiseless 77 (a rebranded Remington 7 Noiseless) were manufactured in the Remington factory, as part of a patent exchange and licensing agreement between Underwood and Remington.

The Noiseless Portable was also available in green and maroon, though black is by far the most common variant.

Underwood Noiseless Portable manual typewriter, manufactured by Remington.

Underwood Noiseless Portable, serial number 541104. This is an early production example, manufactured before February 1932. This serial number slightly predates the known range for this model.

Underwood Noiseless Portable, servicing sticker for A&H Business Machine Service. This location is now the parking lot of a Food 4 Less.

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