Monsanto MAN3 & MAN3A  
Written by Accutron on 2017-02-11  

Devices included in this entry:

Monsanto MAN-3 (10-pin epoxy flat pack)
Litronix MAN3A (10-pin epoxy inline package)
Monsanto MAN3A (10-pin epoxy inline package; pictured in thumbnail)

The Monsanto MAN3 is an early, highly miniaturized surface mount numeric display with a 3mm digit height. The MAN3 is extremely rare, but the improved MAN3A was widely used in early electronic pocket calculators, such as the Texas Instruments SR-10 and Commodore Minuteman 2.

Monsanto MAN3 miniature numeric LED display.

MAN3 displays with original packaging.

Litronix MAN3A display. Much like the earlier MAN1, the MAN3 was succeeded by an 'A' variant with red epoxy.

Monsanto display assembly constructed from nine individual MAN3A digits. This type of module was used in the Commodore Minuteman 2 calculator.

MAN3A display assembly under magnification.

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