RCA Nuvistor Series  
Written by Accutron on 2017-04-28  

Devices included in this entry:

RCA 2CW4 medium mu triode
General Electric 2CW4 high mu triode
Raytheon 2DV4 medium mu triode
Zenith 2DV4 medium mu triode
Philips ECG 7587 sharp cutoff tetrode (pictured in thumbnail)

Introduced in 1959, the RCA Nuvistor is a family of subminiature, high performance vacuum tubes housed in a ceramic-and-metal envelope. Unlike conventional tubes which are evacuated after assembly, Nuvistors were assembled in a vacuum chamber by robotic equipment. Approximately a dozen different Nuvistor part numbers were produced, the base design being a medium mu triode with a 6.3V filament. A Nuvistor tetrode was also developed, as were variants with 2.1V and 12.6V filaments.

Nuvistors were a final gasp of the waning tube industry, designed to compete with newly available transistor products of the late 1950s. Though initially manufactured by RCA for use in their line of 'New Vista' color televisions, Nuvistors were also manufactured by GE, Philips and Raytheon, and were used in high performance audio and test equipment through the 1960s.

RCA Nuvistor Tubes Datasheet (PDF)

RCA 2CW4 Nuvistor high mu triode and packaging. The 2CW4 is a variant of the 6CW4 with a 2.1V filament, commonly used in television receivers.

General Electric 2CW4 Nuvistor.

Raytheon 2DV4 Nuvistor. The 2DV4 is a variant of the 6DV4 with a 2.1V filament.

Zenith-branded 2DV4 Nuvistor.

Philips ECG 7587 Nuvistor, sharp cutoff tetrode.

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