Fairchild FLV-10x Series  
Written by Accutron on 2007-05-02  

Devices included in this entry:

Fairchild FLV101 LED indicator (pictured in thumbnail)
Fairchild FLV102 LED indicator

Fairchild's first LED, the FLV-100, was a primitive 500ucd device intended as a fiber optic point source. As the FLV-100 made a poor lamp, Fairchild introduced the FLV-101 and subsequent FLV-102 to address the emerging LED indicator market. The FLV-101 has a diffuse lens to increase visibility and create a wide viewing angle. The subsequent FLV-102 has a less diffuse lens with a 30 degree viewing angle, and omits the vestigial third lead of the FLV-101, a remnant of its TO-106 ceramic transistor packaging. Both the FLV-101 and FLV-102 are brighter than the FLV-100; the FLV-102 is rated at 1mcd.

Fairchild FLV-101 red LED indicator. Note the vestigial third lead.

Fairchild FLV-102 red LED indicator.

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