Burr-Brown DAC80 & DAC812CM  
Written by Accutron on 2007-05-03  

Devices included in this entry:

Burr-Brown DAC80 D/A converter (24-pin custom cerDIP; pictured in thumbnail)
Burr-Brown DAC812CM D/A converter (24-pin hermetic metal DIP)

The Burr-Brown DAC80 and DAC812 are monolithic 12-bit D/A converters designed for industrial applications. The DAC812CM is a high speed device, with much higher accuracy and conversion speed ratings than the DAC80. The DAC80 is housed in an unusual hermetic side-brazed ceramic carrier, while the DAC812CM is sealed in a hermetic metal canister.

Burr-Brown DAC80 & DAC80P Datasheet (PDF)
Burr-Brown DAC812 Datasheet (PDF)

Burr-Brown DAC80 12-bit D/A converter.

Burr-Brown DAC812CM high speed 12-bit D/A converter.

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