AMD Am2900  
Written by Accutron on 2007-05-06  

Devices included in this entry:

AMD Am2901BPC bit-slice ALU (40-pin plastic DIP)
AMD Am2903DC bit-slice ALU (48-pin cerDIP with ceramic cavity lid)
AMD Am2903DC bit-slice ALU (48-pin cerDIP; pictured in thumbnail)
AMD Am2910DM-B 12-bit address sequencer (40-pin cerDIP)
AMD Am2940DC DMA generator (28-pin plastic DIP)
AMD Am2960DC 16-bit error detection and correction unit (48-pin cerDIP)

AMD Am2900 is a family of 4-bit bipolar logic devices which function together as a bit-slice processor. The Am2901 and Am2903 arithmetic-logic units are the core of the series, with other tasks being handled by about 50 different Am29XX devices. The Am2900 family was used in the design of various DEC and Data General minicomputers, and is widely regarded as the most successful bit-slice architecture.

AMD Am2900 Family Data Book (PDF)

AMD Am2901BPC bit slice processor.

AMD Am2903DC, a variant of the Am2901 with hardware multiply. This early example has a ceramic cavity lid.

AMD Am2903DC, metal cavity lid variation.

AMD Am2910DM-B 12-bit address sequencer.

AMD Am2940DC DMA generator.

AMD Am2960DC cascadable 16-bit error detection and correction unit.

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