Intel MCS-51  
Written by Accutron on 2007-05-06  

Devices included in this entry:

Intel P8031AH (40-pin plastic DIP)
Intel P80C32 (40-pin plastic DIP)
Intel C8751H-88 (40-pin cerDIP; pictured in thumbnail)
Signetics SC87C51CCF40 (40-pin windowed ceramic sandwich DIP)

The Intel MCS-51 is family of powerful Harvard architecture single-chip microcontrollers, introduced in 1980. The parent device is the 8051, with 128 bytes of RAM, 4kB of onboard ROM and a UART interface. Like the earlier 8048 microcontroller, there are numerous variants of the 8051. The 8031 and 8032 lack an onboard ROM, while the 8751 includes a user-programmable EPROM. Early devices are fabricated in NMOS, while later devices are CMOS, indicated in the part number with an intervening 'C'.

Intel P8031AH, MCS-51 variant with no onboard ROM.

Intel P80C32, MCS-51 CMOS variant with no onboard ROM and 256 bytes of RAM.

Intel C8751H-88, MCS-51 variant with an onboard 4kB UV-EPROM.

Signetics SC87C51CCF40, a second-source CMOS variant of the 8751.

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