Fairchild F8 / 3850 Series  
Written by Accutron on 2007-05-06  

Devices included in this entry:

Mostek MK3850N-3 ALU (40-pin plastic DIP)
Mostek MK3853P SRAM interface (40-pin cerDIP; pictured in thumbnail)

The Fairchild F8 (3850 series) is a somewhat odd 8-bit microcontroller. The parent device is the 3850 8-bit ALU with 64 bytes of scratchpad RAM and two I/O ports. Instruction decoding is decentralized: instead of the 3850 decoding its own instructions, the program storage unit, PIO and memory interface chips handle the decoding.

Mostek MK3850N-3, second-source F8 ALU.

Mostek MK3853P, second-source F8 SRAM interface.

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