Intel MCS-85  
Written by Accutron on 2007-05-07  

Devices included in this entry:

AMD Am8085APC microprocessor (40-pin plastic DIP)
Intel D8085A microprocessor (40-pin ceramic sandwich DIP)
Intel P8085A microprocessor (40-pin plastic DIP)
Intel P8085AH-2 microprocessor (40-pin plastic DIP)
Intel D8202A DRAM controller (40-pin ceramic sandwich DIP)
Intel D8755A UV-EPROM (40-pin windowed ceramic sandwich DIP)
Toshiba TMP8755AC UV-EPROM (40-pin windowed cerDIP; pictured in thumbnail)

Introduced in 1976, the Intel 8085 is a direct descendant of the 8080, with simplified power requirements and a slightly amended instruction set. The 8085 also incorporates the functions of two 8080 support devices: the 8224 clock generator and the 8228 system controller. The Intel MCS-85 family includes the 8085 microprocessor and a large number of support chips.

AMD Am8085APC, a second-source clone of the Intel 8085.

Intel D8085A microprocessor.

Intel P8085A microprocessor, a variant in a plastic carrier.

Intel P8085AH-2 microprocessor.

Intel D8202A DRAM controller.

Intel D8755A UV-EPROM.

Toshiba TMP8755AC, a rare second-source 8755 from a Japanese manufacturer.

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