Mostek 3870 Series  
Written by Accutron on 2007-05-10  

Devices included in this entry:

Mostek 3870 microcontroller (40-pin plastic DIP)
Mostek MK38P70/02H microcontroller (40-pin piggyback cerDIP)
Mostek MK38P70/02J microcontroller with MK2716T UV-EPROM (40-pin piggyback cerDIP; pictured in thumbnail)
Fairchild 3871EPC PIA (40-pin plastic DIP)
Mostek 3875 microcontroller (40-pin piggyback plastic DIP)

The Mostek 3870 is an advanced single-chip implementation of the Fairchild F8 multi-chip microcontroller architecture. Fairchild and Mostek were simultaneously developing single-chip solutions for F8, but Mostek's 3870 microcontroller was brought to market first, and was superior to Fairchild's less ambitious '3859' design. Fairchild subsequently canceled their own project and assumed second-source production of the 3870 instead.

Mostek 3870, a conventional 3870 variant in a plastic carrier.

The MK38P70/02H is a rare development version of the MK3870, in a 40-pin purple-and-gold ceramic DIP with unusual underside pins and a piggyback socket. The /02H variant accepts a host of 28-pin EPROMS.

The MK38P70/02J is tooled for 24-pin EPROMs, and accepts 2516, 2532, 2716 and 2758 devices. This example is mated to a Mostek MK2716T.

MK38P70/02J, underside construction.

Fairchild 3871EPC a second-source 3870 PIO.

Mostek 3875, a 3870 variant with low-power standby mode.

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