Intel MCS-48  
Written by Accutron on 2007-06-06  

Devices included in this entry:

Intel P8021 microcontroller (28-pin plastic DIP)
Intel C8035-8 C-1 microcontroller (40-pin cerDIP; pictured in thumbnail)
Intel P8039 microcontroller (40-pin plastic DIP)
Siemens SAB8039P microcontroller (40-pin plastic DIP)
Intel P8041A microcontroller (40-pin plastic DIP)
Intel C8741A microcontroller (40-pin windowed cerDIP)
Intel MD8741A/B microcontroller (40-pin windowed ceramic sandwich DIP)

Introduced in 1976, MCS-48 is Intel's first family of microcontrollers. MCS-48 devices have a modified Harvard architecture with onboard RAM, and some models have an integrated program ROM as well. The first three MCS-48 devices, the 8035, 8048 and 8748, were introduced in 1976 and implemented in NMOS.

MCS-48 was later replaced by the popular MCS-51 family of microcontrollers.

MCS-48 Microcomputer User's Manual (PDF)

Intel P8021 microcontroller, a 28-pin variant of the 8048. While the 8048 has 27 I/O lines, the 8021 has only 21 I/O lines. Intel also manufactured the 8020, an even smaller 8048 variant with 20 pins and 13 I/O lines.

Intel C8035-8 microcontroller, pre-production example with a highly unusual package variation and a C-1 step level. The 8035 is distinguished from the default 8048 by the absence of an onboard ROM. Both the 8035 and 8038 have 64 bytes of internal RAM.

Intel P8039 microcontroller, a variant of the 8035 with 128 bytes of internal RAM.

Siemens SAB8039P, a second-source version of the 8039.

Intel P8041A, Univeral Peripheral Interface (UPI) variant of the 8048.

Intel C8741A, an 8041 variant with an internal 8kB EPROM..

Intel MD8741A/B, another 8741 variant.

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