Intel MCS-4  
Written by Accutron on 2007-06-13  

Devices included in this entry:

Intel P4002-1 40-byte RAM (16-pin plastic DIP)
Intel D4004 microprocessor (16-pin ceramic sandwich DIP; pictured in thumbnail)
Intel P4008 8-bit address latch (24-pin plastic DIP)
Intel P4009 I/O interface

The Intel 4004 is generally considered to be the world's first microprocessor. The 4004 was designed by Federico Faggin, an employee of Intel who was predominantly responsible for the design of the Intel 4040, 8008 and 8080, and later went on to found Zilog and develop the incredibly successful Z80 microprocessor. Originally intended as a proprietary calculator chip, the 4004 went on to great commercial success. The 4004 now lives on as a collector's item, fetching truly obscene prices for certain carrier variations.

In addition to the devices pictured here, the MCS-4 chipset includes the 4001 ROM and 4003 shift register.

Intel P4002-1 40-byte RAM.

Intel D4004 microprocessor.

Intel P4008 8-bit address latch.

Intel P4009 I/O interface.

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