Olympia SM7 DeLuxe  
Written by Accutron on 2017-04-09  

Introduced in 1961, the SM7 is a later member of Olympia's SM series. Internally, the SM7 is nearly identical to the earlier SM4, the first SM series typewriter to feature a keyset tabulator. However, the SM7 abandons the late 1940s body style shared by all previous SM series machines, in favor of a modernized, angular body. All subsequent SM series typewriters feature a simplified version of the SM7 body style.

The SM7 pictured here is a later example manufactured in 1964, which has its touch selector located to the left of the keyboard. Earlier variations of the SM7 have a touch selector located beneath the ribbon cover.

Olympia SM7 Operating Instructions (PDF)

Olympia SM7 DeLuxe, serial number 2331428 (1964).

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