Burroughs MO-10R / 6704  
Written by Accutron on 2007-06-20  

The MO-10R is a high speed variant of the 6700, with internal 100K spade resistors and an atypical 20-pin base. The MO-10R is believed to be the fastest counting tube ever produced, with a maximum counting speed of 10 MHz. There is also a shielded variant of the MO-10R, the BD-309, which resembles the BD-301. The internal spade resistors are mounted at the top of the tube, between the upper mica sheet and the getter.

Criteria for Selection of the Magnetron Beam Switching Tube as a Circuit Component (PDF)

Though it resembles a 6700, the MO-10R is an unusual beam switching tube with internal spade resistors. Minimizing spade lead capacitance is critical to obtaining high counting speeds in beam switching tubes; most driver circuits specify a minimal distance between the spade leads and resistors. Internalizing the resistors reduces the distance to an absolute minimum, permitting this device's uniquely high 10MHz counting speed.

The MO-10R is packaged in a standard 6700-style box, and includes a pinout diagram and magnet warnings.

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