Burroughs Visible Adding Machine, Class 3  
Written by Accutron on 2017-03-01  

Originally known as the Burroughs Pike Machine, the Class 3 is the earliest of Burroughs' low profile calculators, foregoing the tall glass-sided construction of previous models in favor of a much flatter design which can be operated upon a normal desktop. Another key feature of the Class 3 is that the printed results are visible to the operator, instead of being out of view on the back of the machine.

The Class 3 mechanism was designed by William H. Pike of the Pike Adding Machine Company. Burroughs acquired Pike in 1909, and the Class 3 was introduced that same year, although volume production did not begin until 1911. The Class 3 was a popular adding machine, with numerous functional and cosmetic variants. The example pictured here is a seven-column variant, serial number 229362, manufactured around 1916.

Burroughs Visible Adding Machine, Class 3.

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