Western Electric 6167  
Written by Accutron on 2017-02-21  

The 6167 is a highly unusual dekatron, and the only dekatron ever developed by Western Electric. The 6167 employs unique spring-shaped cathodes with extensions which are positioned over the next adjacent cathode. During operation, the glow discharge rests within the coil of the active cathode, jumping to the cathode's extension during glow transfer. This design restricts the 6167 to unidirectional operation, a fact which can be ameliorated to a certain degree by an additional zeroing cathode which immediately resets the device to zero position when pulled to ground. This feature is analogous to the 'grid zero' functionality of some beam switching tubes. Additionally, the 6167 has a supplemental anode which provides a carry function.

Western Electric 6167 Datasheet (PDF)

Western Electric 6167 compact selector dekatron.

6167 dekatron, top view.

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