Burroughs HB-106  
Written by Accutron on 2017-03-20  

The Burroughs HB-106 is the first commercially manufactured Nixie tube, designed as a companion display for the Burroughs 6700 beam switching tube. Unlike National Union's competing 'Inditron' design, the HB-106 possesses an anode mesh which greatly simplifies the device's required drive circuitry. The HB-106 also has a silicone surround to increase visibility, and a distinctive red plastic label similar to the labels applied to early Haydu and Burroughs beam switching tubes. Although it retains the HB-prefixed Haydu part number, the example pictured here was manufactured after Burroughs had abandoned the Haydu branding on such tubes.

Burroughs HB-106 Nixie tube under normal operation.

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