Monsanto MAN2A  
Written by Accutron on 2017-02-16  

Devices included in this entry:

General Instrument MAN2A (14-pin epoxy DIP)
Lite-On LTP-305G (14-pin epoxy DIP; pictured in thumbnail)

The Monsanto MAN2A is the first commercially manufactured bitmap LED display. Introduced soon after the MAN1 seven-segment device, the MAN2A has a conventional 5x7 pixel array plus decimal point, housed in a standard 14-pin red epoxy package. Unlike many later 5x7 displays, the MAN2A has no integrated driver circuitry. The genuine Monsanto MAN2A is a rare device, but the MAN2A and various clones were produced by other manufacturers.

General Instrument MAN2A alphanumeric LED display.

Lite-On LTP-305G, a green clone of Texas Instruments' pin-compatible MAN2A replacement, the TIL305.

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