Burroughs BX-2004 & BX-2005  
Written by Accutron on 2007-12-15  

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Burroughs BX-2004 shielded Beam-X Switch (pictured in thumbnail)
Burroughs BX-2005 shielded Beam-X Switch

The BX-2003, BX-2004 and BX-2005 are unregistered, uncharacterized Beam-X variants, used in early Xerox high speed photocopiers.

Like the BX-2000, the BX-2004 and BX-2005 are equipped with a mu shield. Unshielded Beam-X types require a center-to-center spacing of two inches when installed adjacently, but shielded models permit much tighter adjacent installations.

Burroughs BX-2004, an unspecified Beam-X variant.

Burroughs BX-2005, another unidentified shielded variant.

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