Witco Dataking EC-878  
Written by Accutron on 2017-02-24  

The Witco Dataking EC-878 is an obscure four-function calculator with an interesting internal construction. At first glance, the EC-878 appears to have a Bowmar Opto-Stic LED display protruding from its face, but an internal examination reveals a display module constructed from three Litronix DL330 numeric displays. The EC-878 is based on a Rockwell 15330PC single-chip calculator, and has an impressive array of discrete transistors to drive the display.

Witco Dataking EC-878 four-function calculator. Despite the fact that this calculator is turned on, the poor viewing angle of the display obscures the lit digits.

Dataking EC-878 calculator, internal construction. Note the three Litronix DL330 numeric LED displays.

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