Hewlett-Packard MC2  
Written by Accutron on 2008-01-22  

Devices included in this entry:

HP 1AA1-6003 (48-pin ceramic gold trace LCC; pictured in thumbnail)
HP 1AA6-6004 (48-pin ceramic grey trace LCC)

The 1AA1-6003 and 1AA1-6004 are variants of Hewlett-Packard's silicon-on-sapphire MC2 processor, originally designed for the ill-fated HP 300 Amigo microcomputer and later used to greater success in the HP 3000 Series 33 minicomputer. The original HP 300 chipset consists of the 1AB2-6003 processor control unit (PCU), 1AB3-6003 register, address, skip and special (RASS), and the 1AB4-6003 register, arithmetic and logic unit (RALU).

While the 1AA1-6003 is currently unidentified, the 1AA1-6004 is known to be a MC2 processor modified as a HP-IB controller.

Hewlett-Packard 1AA1-6003, 48-pin LCC. Function and system of origin are unknown.

1AA1-6003, underside construction.

Hewlett-Packard 1AA6-6004, MC2 HP-IB controller. System of origin is unknown.

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