Intel 1101A  
Written by Accutron on 2008-01-22  

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Intel C1101A (16-pin cerDIP; pictured in thumbnail)
Microsystems International ML1101A (16-pin cerDIP)

Introduced in 1969, the Intel 1101 256-bit SRAM is the first commercial implementation of silicon gate MOS VLSI. The 1101 established PMOS as the technology of choice, versus Intel's 3101 64-bit Schottky TTL SRAM which was developed in parallel. The successful PMOS technology was then used in the breakthrough 1103 DRAM device, dubbed the 'core killer'.

The 1101A is an improved pin-compatible variant of the 1101 which requires fewer power supplies.

Intel 1101A & 1101A1 Datasheet (PDF)

Intel C1101A, 256-bit static RAM, grey trace cerDIP.

Microsystems International ML1101A, a rare second-source version.

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