Hewlett-Packard 5082-7400 Series  
Written by Accutron on 2017-02-10  

Devices included in this entry:

Hewlett-Packard 5082-7433 (12-pin epoxy DIP; pictured in thumbnail)
Hewlett-Packard 5082-7412 (12-pin epoxy DIP)
Hewlett-Packard 5082-7432 (12-pin epoxy DIP)
Hewlett-Packard QDSP-6064 (12-pin epoxy DIP)

In 1972, Hewlett-Packard introduced the 5082-7415, a 5-digit numeric LED display for use in their first generation of handheld calculators. HP later manufactured other variants of this display with two, three or four digits. These devices are pin-compatible with the Litronix DL330 and other similar displays. Devices in this series are not intelligent; control must be provided entirely with external drive circuitry.

Hewlett-Packard 5082-7433 numeric LED display.

Three 5082-7433 displays, stacked horizontally in a Hewlett-Packard 5082-7430 calculator display assembly.

5082-7433 display assembly under magnification.

Hewlett-Packard 5082-7432, an unusual two digit display in a three digit enclosure.

Hewlett-Packard 5082-7412 display. Like the 5082-7432, this display omits the first digit.

Hewlett-Packard QDSP-6064 display. This device is externally identical to the 5082-7412, but all four digits are populated.

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