Sylvania 6802 & 6909  
Written by Accutron on 2017-02-21  

Devices included in this entry:

Sylvania 6802 counter (octal base; pictured in thumbnail)
Raytheon CK6802 counter (octal base)
Sylvania 6909 counter (octal base)

The Sylvania 6802 is the definitive US-manufactured dekatron, a 4KHz neon-filled double pulse counter designed to compete directly with the ETL GC10B. Sylvania also produced the 6909, a 100KHz counter that is structurally identical to the 6802, but replaces the neon fill gas with a Penning mixture. Like many high speed dekatrons, the 6909 is prone to outgassing.

Raytheon was the second-source manufacturer for the 6802 and 6909, producing a tube which was electrically identical to the Sylvania devices, but had signficant internal differences.

Sylvania Decade Counter Tubes Datasheet (PDF)

Sylvania 6802 counter dekatron.

6802 dekatron, top view.

Raytheon CK6802 counter dekatron.

CK6802 dekatron, top view.

Sylvania 6909 high speed counter dekatron.

6909 dekatron, top view.

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