Varian VA-220G & VA-221E  
Written by Accutron on 2008-05-10  

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Varian VA-220G
Varian VA-221E (pictured in thumbnail)

The Varian VA-220G and VA-221E are two similar 1W microwave relay reflex klystrons with forced air cooling. The operating frequency range of the VA-220G is 6.425-6.575GHz; the frequency range of the VA-221E is currently unknown.

Klystrons of this type now suffer the attention of Dr. Who fans, due to their collective realization that a red VA-220 klystron performed the part of 'Etheric Beam Locator' in the 1975 episode Genesis of the Daleks. Consequently, the price of these $20 tubes temporarily spiked to well over $200.

VA-220A-G & VA-220Z Datasheet (PDF)

Varian VA-220G reflex klystron.

Varian VA-220G, view of waveguide aperture.

Varian VA-221E reflex klystron.

Every time you watch Dr. Who, God kills a kitten.

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