Varian VA-806F  
Written by Accutron on 2008-05-18  

The Varian VA-806F is a four-cavity 8.2 GHz (X-band) water-cooled klystron tube with a 2kW output. The VA-806F was originally used in military satellite systems in the 1960s. Other members of the VA-806 series have seen modern use in plasma containment research.

Very few examples of the VA-806 still exist. The following variants and unconfirmed specifications are currently known:

VA-806B (7.750 GHz)
VA-806F (8.2 GHz)
VA-806H (8.150 GHz)
VA-806N (7.9 GHz)
VA-806S (7.650 GHz)
VA-806T (7.6 GHz)
VA-806V (7.5-7.6 GHz)

Additionally, a South Korean plasma containment research device called the HANBIT Tandem mirror uses two VA-806 series klystrons (unspecified variants), tuned to 7.67 and 7.87 GHz.

Varian VA-806F water-cooled klystron tube. The example pictured here is new, with all of its various protective caps in place. The VA-806F is among the largest tubes in the museum, and measures about 14" from tip to tip (excluding power leads).

The four-cavity VA-806F is equipped with two water cooling circuits and four tuning points. Conflicting sources disagree on whether or not this type of klystron is user-adjustable.

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