Tung-Sol DT-1704B 'Digivac'  
Written by Accutron on 2017-03-24  

The Tung-Sol DT-1704B 'Digivac' is one of the earliest and most primitive VFDs known. Unlike most VFDs, the DT-1704B has no internal supports. Each segment consists of a rectangular phosphor-coated element, welded directly to a control pin. This gives the display segments the appearance of floating, but does little to enhance the display contrast. Like the equivalent GE Y1938, the DT-1704B has no control grid, and cannot be multiplexed.

Tung-Sol later introduced the DT-1704C, which includes an internal mica support behind the display segments.

Tung-Sol DT-1704B seven-segment VFD display.

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