Elesta EZ10A & EZ10B  
Written by Accutron on 2017-02-21  

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Elesta EZ-10A selector (13-pin miniature base; pictured in thumbnail)
Elesta EZ-10B selector (13-pin miniature base)

Perhaps the best-known of Elesta's dekatron products, the EZ10A and EZ10B are miniature single-guide selector dekatrons with 20 shaped cathodes. The ten guide pins are ganged together in two groups of five, one on the left and one on the right side of the tube. This unsual arrangement allows the EZ10A and EZ10B to operate in base-10 or base-5 configurations. The EZ10A appears to be argon filled and is capable of 300KHz operation, but the structurally identical EZ10B is hydrogen filled and operates up to 1MHz. Although the EZ10A and EZ10B are pin-compatible, the higher voltage required for the EZ10B would damage an EZ10A.

Elesta EZ10A miniature high speed selector dekatron.

EZ10A dekatron, top view.

Elesta EZ10B miniature high speed selector dekatron.

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