IEE 220H-6409-B-328  
Written by AnubisTTP on 2008-06-25  

IEE was almost surely responding to the hilarious bulk of their earlier projection displays when they designed this more advanced model. Taking up less than half the volume of larger displays like the 10000 series unit shown above, this model also has an easy access clamshell case, which significantly reduces the difficulty of changing the digit mask.

This model provides a perfect example of how projection displays were tailored to industrial control applications: the standard numeric mask has been replaced with a more custom unit that displays entire preset phrases.

IEE 220H-6409-B-328 one-plane readout, a smaller, more compact version of IEE's standard projection display.

Various different models of IEE projection displays for scale comparision; from left to right: 340 series, 14928 series, 01100 series, 220H series, 00010 series, 10000 series. Note that IEE projection displays utilize composite part numbers and everything occurring after the first dash is encoded information about lamp voltage and character sets.

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