IEE 10000-1819-B  
Written by Accutron on 2017-05-16  

The IEE 10000-1819-B In-Line Readout is a typical example of a projection display - a technology which competed with Nixie tubes and various mechanical display technologies through the 1950s and 1960s. Projection displays operate by casting light from rear-mounted incandescent lamps through an array of masked lenses which then pass through a second set of focusing lenses, projecting an illuminated digit onto a front-facing translucent screen. Each lamp represents a separate digit or other character.

Projection displays of this type were bulky, complex and expensive compared to the dominant Nixie tube. IEE later produced miniaturized types which addressed the extreme bulk of displays like the 10000-1819-B, but did nothing to compensate for the relatively poor viewability of projecton technology under normal lighting conditions.

IEE 10000-1819-B In-Line Readout, a typical projection display under normal operation.

10000-1819-B projection display, view of rear lens array.

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