Wamco KW-104S-AU8P & KW-105  
Written by Accutron on 2017-04-07  

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Wamco KW-104S-AU8P numeric filament display (custon 8-pin base)
Wamco KW-105 numeric filament display (8-pin DIP; pictured in thumbnail)

The Wamco KW-104S-AU8P and KW-105 are highly miniaturized numerical Minitron displays, widely used in avionics systems. The primary difference between the KW-104 and KW-105 are their operating voltages: the KW-104 operates at +4VDC, and the KW-105 operates at +5VDC. The KW-104-AU8P variant has gold-plated pins in a non-DIP configuration. Unlike larger Minitrons, the KW-104 and KW-105 make no provision for a decimal point. Readouts requiring a decimal point must include KW-104S-DP or KW-105S-DP decimal point indicators in the display stack.

Wamco KW-104S-AU8P numeric Minitron display.

Wamco KW-105 numeric Minitron display.

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