Amperex 4X150A & 4X150G  
Written by Accutron on 2008-10-08  

The Amperex 4X150A is a UHF radial beam power tetrode with forced-air cooling, rated for 150W at 500MHz. The 4X150G is a similar radio beam tetrode with a coaxial base, rated for 500MHz CW or 1.5GHz pulsed operation. Both the 4X150A and 4X150G were once widely used in amateur radio transmitters.

Svetlana 4X150A / 7034 Datasheet (PDF)
Eimac 4X150G / 8172 Datasheet (PDF)

Amperex 4X150A radial beam power tetrode.

4X150G radial beam power tetrode, unknown manufacturer.

4X150G, view of coaxial base.

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